Marino Arcaro is a Brazilian composer based in London, UK, with a Masters Degree in Composition from the Royal Academy of Music. His work focuses on finding new types of expression through structured forms of composition, contrasting virtuosic playing with elements of Brazilian folkloric and indigenous music. Rafael is also researching the potentialities of having the instrumentalists sing in his pieces in order to achieve a higher degree of individuality on each performance.


    He has studied at Royal Academy of Music in receipt of the Lena S. B. Pritchard Green Award and the Ismena Holland Prize.

    Rafael has enjoyed working with institutions such as the Royal Opera House in London in two occasions, the Royal Academy of Music’s Guitar Department and others. He is a composer-in-residency with the Audentia Ensemble for which he has been commissioned to write a new large scale orchestral, chorus and organ work to be premiered alongside Mahler's arrangement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony to be premiered in November 2019.

    Arcaro has also been commissioned by solo performers and chamber groups such as cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason and guitarist Plínio Fernandes, guitarists Vitor Noah, Giacomo Susani and Brad Johnson, the baroque ensemble Les Laurentines, the cello and flute duo Improv Indigo and many others. Rafael has worked through the Royal Academy with musicians and groups such acclaimed percussionist Colin Currie, pianist Zubin Kanga, the Chroma Ensemble, Tritium Trio, CoMA London and others; as well as having his music played by the Ensemble Modern in Festival de Campos do Jordão in Brazil. His music has also been featured in exhibitions around the world such as the nationwide Brazilian exhibition FILE in 2018.

    His large Concerto Apinayé for Guitar and Orchestra commissioned by Vitor Noah in partnership with the Royal Academy of Music has been premiered in September 2019 in the historic Duke’s Hall in London with conductor Ryan Bair and the Audentia Ensemble Orchestra and released by major guitar label GuitarCoop. The studio recording of the Concerto Apinayé will be released commercially in 2020.

    Additionally, Marino Arcaro’s book of preludes for the solo guitar has been the focus of a Master thesis by prominent young guitarist Vitor Noah with supervision of guitarist and pedagogue Paolo Pegoraro at Die Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Graz, in Austria, where his guitar music received appraisal from the examination jury with the presentation of a lecture-recital and a research paper by guitarist Vitor Noah.    Rafael graduated in Philosophy of Communication in São Paulo, Brazil in 2012 and did his Music Bachelors studies on his own as a self taught student with the aid of theorist and musicologist Marisa Ramires  Rosa de Lima and internationally recognised Brazilian guitarist and producer Paulo Martelli. After a brief course of studies in a Masters in Musicology at the University of São Paulo, he went straight to the Masters Programme in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music.

     He graduated from Film School in São Paulo, Brazil in 2012 and studied for a Bachelors' in music as a self taught student with the aid of theorist and musicologist Marisa Ramires and internationally recognised Brazilian guitarist and producer Paulo Martelli. He then went straight to the Masters Programme at the Royal Academy of Music.

     Rafael believes strongly in the accessibility of New Music; and his compositions include works for orchestra, chorus, chamber groups and solo works with a focus on piano, accordion, guitar and voice; and his project for next year is to write an Opera inspired by the music of the Xavante tribe of East Mato Grosso, Brazil, with the aid of the writings of anthropologists Curt Nimuendaju and Theodor Koch-Grünberg.

    "H. Villa-Lobos and R. Marino-Arcaro, are the only composers who, although they're in their essence and above all great composers, also demonstrate a deep respect and vast knowledge about the guitar, allowing them to create music of the highest level to ennoble this instrument."

Vitor Noah

© Rafael Marino Arcaro, 2019.
Photography Fabio Audi & The Red Beanie.